EB-5 Program – Invest Today, Invest for Your Future


The EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services is basically a program that is focused on allowing foreign investors to acquire a green card through investment. With the green card, it identifies its holder as a lawful US permanent resident who also has the right to exit, enter, work and live in the US.

For investors on the other hand, they need to meet the preliminary requirements such as not having criminal records, be in a good state of health, has to be of legal age, invest a minimum of 500,000 USD that’s lawfully gained. On top of that, the investment should open up 10 full time jobs for Americans. Assuming that an investor has met the requirements, they are now able to reap the benefits of being one like getting an approval within 5 or 6 months, 92 percent approval rate, can bring their family in the US and when compared to other known visas, using eb 5 program demands less personal documents.

What’s more, there are also no limitations to the investor’s education, age, business background or language while having the chance to travel to more or less 150 countries without having a visa. Investors do not need to management investment projects on their own but they can have the right to supervise it and then after 5 years, they can bring their family and be given a US citizenship; on that same time, they have also recoup their investments.

Capital is equivalent to any tangible property from equipment, cash and inventory and the likes. The cash equivalent and also, indebtedness secured by assets are owned by entrepreneur. This is as long as the alien entrepreneur is primarily and personally liable and the assets of new commercial enterprise upon which the petition is based aren’t used in securing indebtedness of any kind. All capital has to be valued at a fair market value in US currency. On the other hand, assets that are obtained either directly or indirectly through unlawful means such as criminal activities will never be deemed as capital.

The foreign investor should have the capacity to set a foundation that he/she is the legal owner of the invested capital; something that should not be taken for granted by anyone who likes apply for an eb 5 visa program. The following should be met for any investors.

General – this is the minimum qualifying investment in the US which is 1 million dollars.

Targeted employment area – for investments either in rural or high unemployment area in the US, it should be a minimum of 500,000 dollars.

Whether you believe it or not, EB-5 Program was so successful in helping to build America’s economy.


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